Freedom of Hadoop

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By (Nastia)

Advantages of Hadoop

Hadoop offers many advantages for your company or business:  "Large scale QA efforts, do not need to find new hardware to experiment, projects move from research to production easily, easy to learn, 'even our rocket scientists use it', the clusters just work, research questions answered in days not in months, [more important] you can work with all your data! "

- Eric Baldeschwieler

Unlimited use, free to run Hadoop for any purpose, no matter how many servers, no matter how many cores and no matter how many users connecting to it.

Description Other Commercial platform Hadoop
Use Strictly limiting use, limited by the number of licenses purchased Unlimited use, free to run Hadoop for any purpose, no matter how many servers, no matter how many cores and no matter how many users connecting to it
Copying Strictly limiting copying Unlimited coping allowed
Distribution Strictly limiting distribution Unlimited distribution allowed
Modification Not allowed to modify the licensed software Freedom of modifying the software to meet your needs, you can plug in anything at any point, by adhering to well-defined open interfaces
License? No matter which license mode you choose, you must buy license before using it AND you cannot copy, cannot modify and cannot redistribute it for your needs Free to do what you want at any scale, use it, copy it. modify it and distribute it, without warranty, or pay subscription and use it with support and warranty per instance with unlimited users
One-off? Big one-off purchase cost NO need to pay one-off fee
Cost Pay usage by the number of servers or by the number of clients or per core at much higher rates You can subscribe professional supports per year for support
Upgrade fee? Need to pay upgrade fee, or buy new set of licenses (included in subscription)
Proprietary model
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model
Control Hidden control NO hidden control
Organization Close engineering and vendor-focused Open engineering and customer-focused
Black Box Black box and proprietary interface Well defined interfaces, NO secret interface
Source Opened? NO openness throughout, open source
User base Smaller user base Much large user base worldwide
Need new feature? Commercial developers: "If you need new features, we will call you (few years later!)" Current release can be enhanced, or modified, or got plug-in added
Bug fixing "If you find serious bug, you cannot modify the software, all you can do is wait" You can subscribe professional supports to fix it from source, or, review the source and patch it directly
Number of add-on Fewer number of add-on Much more choices, more number of add-on, sub-projects

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